Sustainable mobility

We invest in new solutions.

Vehicles’ fleet

We own one of the major and most modern national vehicles’ fleet, and we are trying to extend further it through economically efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. In 2018, electric vehicles already corresponded to 9% of our fleet.frota

Source: 2018 Consolidated Report

On the other hand, the integration of more modern conventional vehicles – powered by fossil fuel – has optimized operational costs and reduced negative impact on the environment.

Sustainable mobility program

In this program, we have participated in various internal and external initiatives by:

  • inventorying and knowing our carbon footprint, by calculating our employees’ commuting
  • providing a carpooling platform to our employees
  • providing test drives to our employees and general public
  • joining the European Mobility Week
  • participating at the Drivers’ Challenge, a postal sector eco-driving international competition promoted by the International Post Corporation (IPC)

In 2018, we hosted, co-organized and won the 5th Drivers’ Challenge, at Autódromo do Estoril (Estoril Circuit).

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