CTT Contact lines

  • Mail and Express Services

    21 047 16 16

    Working days from 8h30 to 19h30. Price of a fixed network phone call.

    Support line structure

    1. Information on how to send and receive Mail
    1. Send mail
    2. Follow a delivery
    3. Change a delivery
    4. Clear a parcel (customs)
    5. Other matters

    2. Information on savings, insurances and money transfer solutions
    1. Savings certificates and other savings solutions
    2. Insurances
    3. Money orders and Western Union
    4. Other matters

    3. Information on Philately products and services

    4. Information on Via CTT
    1. Join or activate
    2. Recover access data
    3. Other matters
    4. Return to the previous menu

    5. General information and other matters