Environmental protection

We are aware of our role.


The fact that paper is the most used material in postal communication has a very relevant, despite indirect, effect in the forest and biodiversity. We manage this impact proactively, in line with our management framework:

  • by investing in the use of paper coming from sustainable forests
  • by promoting the use of certified paper in our products and services

One tree for the forest

With Quercus (ecology institution), we carried on with the project Uma Árvore pela Floresta (one tree for the forest) for the 5th time. This campaign aims to reforest with native trees some of the country’s areas, mostly the protected ones, that present a high risk of fire or that were the most affected by the fires in 2017, by selling kits that enable customers to sponsor the plantation of native trees – and therefore helping to reforest Portugal. We have already planted around 90 thousand native trees, corresponding to the kits sold at our Post Offices. We were supported by thousands of external volunteers that joined this cause. 

In 2018, we planted 65 thousand trees in the following areas:

  • Parque Natural do Tejo Internacional
  • Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês
  • Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela
  • Serra do Açor 
  • Mata Nacional de Leiria

We were supported by hundreds of external volunteers that joined this initiative.

For the first time ever, the kits sold (enabling people to sponsor the plantation of trees) were also available at our Online Store

During the campaign we sold around 87 thousand kits.

See a story on this initiative at the TV program "Minuto Verde".

Other iniciatives

To preserve the environment and biodiversity, we continued to sponsor the Iberian Lynx at the Lisbon Zoo.

At CTT’s Instagram page, we challenged people to publish posts related to biodiversity and nature protection. We offered each one of the winners a kit (one tree for the forest) and a visit to one of the Quercus wild animals recovery centres.

Training and sensibilization

We develop numerous environmental initiatives regularly, both in and outside the company. They aim at:

  • promoting knowledge on the environment
  • disclosing good practices among employees and other stakeholders
  • alerting to environmental features such as the resources preservation, nature protection and ecoefficiency, among others

Inside the company

Every month we have published the Move-nos magazine (22 thousand copies) where we disclose articles on environmental and social areas and where we have a section on road safety.

We also address contents related to the environment – data on consumption and emissions, information on events, environmental curiosities, etc. – through our internal TV channel, broadcasted at our headquarters and at our post offices network.

We continue to disclose contents on sustainability and environment through our monthly newsletter, Em Foco, directed to our post offices network employees. We have widened this action to our operational centres in Portugal by means of an e-newsletter.  

Standards ISO (9001, 14001 e OHSAS 18001) training are also part of our training plan.

Outside the company

We share news on sustainability – economic, social and environmental – on a regular basis on Facebook at our sustainability page: Esfera CTT (CTT universe). This page has 39 thousand fans. We are also present at Linkedin and Instagram, with around 30 thousand followers.

We are very present at foreign conferences and publications, disclosing articles and case studies. 

We use philately to raise environmental awareness, partly because of its worldwide prestige. The brochures with technical information on the stamp theme are used to disclose information on:

  • fauna and flora species 
  • ecosystems and dates protection and preservation 
  • events related to biodiversity.

We are still part of the Print Power program, focusing on campaigns to promote a responsible communication using paper. We address press adds and emails to marketing and advertising players.

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