Environmental protection

We are aware of our role.


The fact that paper is the most commonly used material in postal communication has a significant, albeit indirect, impact on forests and biodiversity. Therefore, we actively manage its impacts in alignment with our management framework:

  • by investing in the use of paper coming from sustainable forests
  • by promoting the use of certified paper in our products and services

One tree for the forest

We are celebrating the 10th edition of the "One Tree for the Forest" initiative in partnership with Quercus. This campaign aims to reforest certain areas of the country with native trees, always in protected areas and with special attention to those most affected by forest fires.

The kits, which allow people to sponsor the planting of a tree, are available for purchase in our stores across the country and on our Online Store. You can also acquire a completely digital version of the kit to distribute to your family and friends, your company's clients, or your employees, for example.

Since 2014, we have planted 115,000 trees in areas such as:

  • The International Tagus Natural Park
  • The Peneda-Gerês National Park
  • The Serra da Estrela Natural Park
  • The Serra do Açor
  • The National Forest of Leiria
  • The Machada Forest in Barreiro

On planting days, we had the support of hundreds of CTT volunteers who joined the kit buyers and the surrounding communities.

Training and Awareness

We regularly develop numerous environmental awareness initiatives both within the company and externally. Their objectives include:

  • Promoting environmental knowledge
  • Disseminating best practices among employees and other stakeholders
  • Raising awareness about environmental aspects such as resource conservation, nature protection, and eco-efficiency

Within the Company:

In our internal newsletter, we frequently publish articles on environmental and social topics. We also broadcast environmental content, such as consumption and emissions data, information about events, environmental curiosities, etc., on the television channel in our store network.
In our employees' training program, the "Green Planet" program has already seen thousands of participants and hours of training.

We organize volunteer actions with an increasing number of CTT departments, including beach cleanups, tree plantings, and assistance with the maintenance of wildlife support and recovery centers.

For External Engagement:

We regularly share sustainability news - economic, social, and environmental - on Facebook, and we have a presence on LinkedIn and Instagram. We also participate in conferences and external publications, disseminating articles and case studies.

We use philately for environmental awareness, in part because it has great prestige abroad. Stamp cards with technical information about the stamp's subject are used to spread knowledge about:

  • Species of flora and fauna
  • Protection and conservation of ecosystems and dates
  • Relevant events related to biodiversity.

We organized, in collaboration with the Portuguese Society of Ecology (SPECO), the "Ask an Ecologist" program, which enables students in the third cycle of basic education and secondary education to correspond by letter with researchers in the field of ecology, asking scientifically grounded questions and receiving their responses.