Circular economy

A commitment to decarbonisation.

New initiatives in the field of circular economy are one of the company's focuses on the path it has set itself until 2030. We have a stated goal of incorporating recycled or reused materials into all the products we offer by that date, with an interim target of 80 per cent by the end of 2025.

We have now incorporated these materials into 54.9 per cent of our offer. We're on the right track!

Award-Winning Initiative

We are proud to have received the Coups de Coeur Award from PostEurop for the initiative to convert unused sanitary masks into new materials. The initiative was born out of a partnership with a spin-off from the University of Minho, To-Be-Green, which recycled the masks into decorative items, such as Christmas ornaments. Currently, we are incorporating this recycled product into the trays used in our mail, express, and parcel operations.

Reusable Packaging and Other Projects

CTT has launched a pilot of a reusable package for parcel delivery, which has the potential to be reused for up to 50 delivery cycles. In addition, we have a pilot project for 100% recycled paper shreds, produced from wastepaper at our largest production and logistics centre in Lisbon. Farripas are available in some CTT Post Offices for filling packages in the Mail Preparation area.

As far as waste management is concerned, we maintain our internal management practices and send waste to the most appropriate final destination. We promote waste separation and recovery solutions instead of sending waste to landfill.  The waste recovery rate currently stands at 99.1 per cent, while we maintain our commitment not to increase our paper consumption every year.