Engagement with stakeholders

We build fruitful relationships.

The frequent engagement and regular contact with our stakeholders are crucial to our positioning. Their needs and perceptions are permanently influenced by market conditions and by the country’s social and economic situation.

Materiality matrix

The materiality matrix identifies the areas that are crucial to the stakeholders and guides the them in the definition of the company’s strategy. This matrix supports the top management when taking decisions and defines priorities regarding business and sustainability.

The following methods ranked the areas: 

  • the relevance criteria indicated by AA1000SES – Stakeholder Engagement Standard (relationship with commitments or policies, financial effects and accordance with benchmark analysis and legal framework)
  • impact evaluation vs its likelihood

The stakeholder’s views were confronted with managements’, originating a materiality matrix.


UN Sustainable Development targets

What they are

The UN sustainable development targets (ODS) are an extremely useful working tool to companies. Like the Global Compact principles and previous Millennium Targets (all by UN), the ODS work as more complete and deeper guidelines or orientations. They help companies to define, implement, communicate and report all their strategies, targets and activities.

There are 17 priority areas identified and approved by 190 countries to help preserve the planet and the human being’s dignity.

We have mapped and prioritized the ODS in our value chain

We have aligned our environmental management strategy with the ODS as regards the postal sector, and we have mapped and prioritized the ODS in our value chain by using the SDG Compass method, developed by WBCSD, UN Global Compact and GRI. 

We identified the ODS targets that could contribute to the promotion of positive impact, or minimize or avoid negative impacts. We assigned them to each of our value chain’s phase considering the risks and opportunities. To do so, we chose the postal, express and parcels business value chain for being one of the most significant.

We defined CTT’s specific targets and indicators

After consulting the SGD Compass corporate indicators, we were able to identify and choose CTT’s specific targets and indicators in 2021, listed below.