We invest in quality.

We have made a significant investment to implement certified management systems in various areas.


With this strategic investment, we wish:

  • to improve our services’ quality  
  • to optimize the processes in the various value chain’s phases
  • to develop and encourage the employees’ participation
  • to improve the customers’ satisfaction
  • to reinforce CTT’s image


The certification processes’ success has raised a strong internal motivation. These are projects that demand a great coordination effort because they cover around 1.000 premises and more than 12 thousand employees.

When implementing the management systems, we adopted different timings and approaches to the different CTT Group departments. Below there is a list of the companies and units that are already certified, and the rules applied to certification.

Certifications obtained Quality  Environnemental Occcupational health and safety management Information technology
Standards ISO
27001 IEC
Corporate CTT (1) X X X
Operations (2) X X X X
CTT Expresso (5) X X X
CTT Contacto (3) X X
Newspring (6) X
CTT Express(7) X X

Certifications obtained Portuguese Association of Contact Centers (APCC) SMETA Family Responsible Company
Standards Seal of Quality 4 Pillars efr 1000-1
CTT Correios SA X
CTT Expresso (5) X X
CTT Contacto (3) X
CTT Customer Support (4) X
Newspring (6) X
Banco CTT e 321 Crédito X


(1) - Corporate Certification includes the following directions/areas: 1) Human Resources Management, 2) Talent Management, 3) Information Systems, 4) Purchasing and Logistics, 5) Physical Resources and Security, 6) Audit, Compliance and Risk/ Certification and Excellence, 7) Sustainability/Environmental Management Office, 8) Customer Support and Voice, 9) Corporate After Sales.
(2) - Certification 27001 applies to Business Solutions (Printing and Finishing), included in the Certification of Operations.
(3) - The scope of this Certification is “Management and Distribution of addressed and Unaddressed Mail.
(4) - APCC specific methodology.
(5) – SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) - Social Audit, which includes 4 pillars: 1) Human Resources and Labor Standards, 2) Environment, 3) Health and Safety and 4) Business Management and Good Business Practices.
(6) - Outsourcing of Contact Center, BPO and Process Consulting services
(7) -Management of pick-up delivery service of express postal parcels at national and international level..