We adapt to digital evolutions.

Common to all organizations, digital evolutions also make our activity a constant adaptation – not only regarding new products, services and business opportunities, but also regarding new models.

In 2018, digital transformations inspired some changes on I&D at CTT. Some of the changes were:

Express and parcels’ business dynamization, namely e-commerce

  • Conclusion of the parcel lockers pilot project (automatic lockers to deliver parcels) in 13 places - CTT24H.
  • Implementation of the U2D solution (Urban Dynamic Delivery), an urban use mobile app for quick deliveries of e-commerce parcels (Same Day & Instant Delivery).
  • Release of the Dott platform (e-Marketplace CTT / SONAE).
  • Integration of e-commerce national platforms with CTT shipping and delivery systems.
  • Expansion of the cross-border e-commerce business, through international partnerships.
  • Follow the Interconnect Program (eCIP).

Reinforcement of the mail business

  • New uses for Recibos Online (online receipts) (in more than 1.200 CTT Post Offices and postal agencies).
  • Beginning of the Advertising Campaigns Intelligent Mail, enabling the DM delivery status.
  • Launch of the CTT Customs Portal to speed up the items’ customs clearance.
  • Provision of the new CTT internal network, adapted to the new corporate model.
  • Introduction of the RPA technology – to reform routine, repetitive and strongly human processes and make them more effective and efficient – to reduce costs and increase CTT’s productivity and offer level, seeking continuous improvement of the quality of the services provided.
  • New pilot project to optimize the management of postal items’ delivery routes.

Reinforcement of some operational features

  • Consolidation of the non-standardized items’ sorting, using robotic elements.
  • New Logistics and Production Network Architecture (Nova Arquitetura de Rede de Produção e Logística - NARPEL).
  • Development of the Payshop Virtual Agent– a web and mobile app to help users manage their expenses and make payments in a click.

Reinforcement of the activity in the financial area

  • Adoption of complete dematerialization technology to open accounts and to increase Banco CTT’s efficiency.
  • Implementation of various workflows and of a pilot to control some repetitive tasks.
  • Development of the Payshop Virtual Agent– a web and mobile app to help users manage their expenses and make payments in a click.

Corporate initiatives

  • Beginning of the INOV+ platform 7th cycle by CTT – with more than 1.800 users, in the scope of the program +INOVAÇÃO by CTT.
  • 11st edition of the Innovation Tank, following the results coming from ideas approved at the INOV+ by CTT platform or from start-ups that are interesting to our organization.
  • 4th edition of the CTT Innovation Day. On this day, we released the 1st CTT Innovation Report and the CTT 1520 Start-up Program, to identify start-ups with the same purposes and strategies as ours.
  • Results of the SIFIDE program (I&D and Corporate Fiscal incentives), that increased in more than 7 million euros the fiscal credit we had been storing – proof of our effort and investment in I&D.