We adapt to digital evolutions.

Cross-cutting all organizations, digital evolution forces us to adapt our business as well - both in terms of new products, services and business opportunities, and in terms of new paradigms. 
The latest innovations in the area of innovation are: 

  • Crypto stamp

    CTT have launched the first Portuguese crypto stamp, issued in both physical format and as an NFT (non-fungible token), with exclusive benefits for collectors. This release, under the theme "Navigating the Discovery of the Future," reinforces CTT's role as one of the most disruptive and active postal operators in developing new products and services across all areas of the company, including philately.

  • Locky - The new CTT locker company

    Locky, the new locker company of the CTT Group, which already has an offer of several hundred lockers located in various parts of the country, including retail chains, supermarkets, shopping centres, university campuses, multimodal transport platforms, parking lots, hospitals and also service stations. In addition to all the advantages it offers customers, Locky lockers also provide environmental benefits, since the final delivery has a consolidating effect, which reduces the dispersion of delivery vehicles in urban environments. As a single locker allows delivery to multiple recipients, it avoids travel to the various homes, and the more deliveries are to lockers, the greater the reduction in travel, generating fewer carbon emissions associated with last-mile.

  • More plugins in CTT's e-Commerce support services

    CTT has extended its shipping plugin service to online stores created on the ePages, ECWID and OpenCart platforms. Until recently, this e-commerce service from CTT, which allows customers to automate their shipments, only guaranteed the integration of shipping services to stores created in Prestashop, Shopify, Magento and Woocommerce.

  • New payment platform, POP

    Payshop has launched a new online payment service, a simple, intuitive option, adapted to the daily needs of all customers. With no membership costs or monthly fees, Payshop Online Payments (POP) is a platform that allows Payshop to offer merchants who sell, or intend to sell online, a set of common payment methods in the market - Payshop reference, ATM reference, MB Way and bank card, credit or debit.

  • Mail and Corporate Solutions - New version of the 'e-carta' portal

    CTT launched a new version of the 'e-carta' portal, with the purpose of simplifying even more the process of sending mail by the customers. The portal is now more accessible and intuitive, bringing numerous advantages in its use, including faster interface, no limits on simultaneous mailings, improved user experience and greater search capabilities.

  • Operations - Reinforcement of the operational area of CTT Express

    The CTT Group has awarded GAM (BME: GALQ), a Spanish multinational company, specialized in providing integral solutions for made-to-measure machinery, with the supply of over 200 machines, including pallet trucks and maintenance equipment.
    The new Iberian-wide collaboration agreement, worth 4 million euros, will have a total duration of 5 years and involves both CTT's facilities and activities, in Portugal, and CTT Express, in Spain. Within the scope of this partnership, GAM will also provide training to the workers of the express delivery company.
    The agreement established is part of the investment that has been made and aims to improve the delivery process that is supported by new facilities, a high level of automation and a uniformly equipped network, for the benefit of customers in the e-commerce sector.

  • Digital Factory and Customer Experience

    CTT is committed to pursuing developments in the digital transformation of the customer experience and customer journey, with emphasis on the launch of the following features:
    a. The shipping simulator on CTT's website, giving the client the possibility of knowing which is the best shipping solution that meets his/her specific needs;
    b. The new experience of using a locker on the CTT network, in an articulated manner with Locky and using the new client area for private clients on the CTT website as a basis;
    c. The Digital Ticket in the CTT App that allows customers to take a number ticket before going to a CTT Post Office, improving the in-store experience, and reducing waiting time.

  • Corporate Services Portal - Customer Area and Shipping Module

    The new Business Services Portal has recently been made available. By logging in to CTT's account, a company can now create and send its Mail and Express shipments and have access to its customer area.

  • CTT's new online tool for national and international shipments

    The new application that now works as a shipping simulator (national and international) to assist customers in identifying the most appropriate shipping method for their needs, also allowing them to create their shipments and make the payment.

  • CTT launches new app with a digital ticket

    CTT has launched a new app, more intuitive and with several new features, namely the creation of the Digital Ticket for physical stores, the change of the delivery location or the payment of late tolls.
    Besides being able to take a number ticket before arriving at the store, thus avoiding queues at the location, the "Digital Ticket" also indicates which are the closest stores that have this functionality and how many people each customer has in front of him. The new app is available for iOS and Android operating systems.

  • New Mobility app

    CTT implemented a new Mobility app, to support CTT Expresso Delivery and in partnership with the CTT Express team. Following its implementation in Spain, the Operations and Information Technology team made adjustments to the Portuguese reality, including banking services or collection processes.
    From that moment on, there has been an Iberian app that allowed the creation of synergies between the two geographies.

  • Retail - Schedule an appointment at Hospital da Luz at the counter of CTT (post office)

    With the launch of an innovative project, it became possible to book appointments and exams at Hospital da Luz at the counter of a CTT Post Office and even speak directly with the doctor through a video consultation.
    This was the goal of the project that is being developed within the scope of a partnership between CTT and Hospital da Luz, which intended to ensure fast, easy and proximity access to health care in the Hospital da Luz Network.

  • B2C Customer Area - New toll experience on CTT website

    The experience of consultation, payment and notifications of tolls is now available on the CTT website and B2C Customer Area. Users may now have an integrated view of all tolls payable for their vehicles.

  • Decision Server

    E-commerce delivery is an extremely competitive environment, where new services and customer interactions are constantly improving, creating constant pressure on operations.
    In many cases, the only way to accomplish delivery adjustments is to manually sort the package until all the sorting plans can be adjusted or the machine supplier can update its sotfware. In order to avoid this dependence on the equipment suppliers, whenever it is necessary to change or add new criteria for the division of objects, the Decision Server project was developed, which gave CTT autonomy to manage the business rules that support the express parcel handling process.