Integrate Startups and Corporate into the same international ecosystem

29 de Junho, 2023

Having recently been launched by the Postal Innovation Platform , the themed online networking and discussion session initiative – Connect2Posts -, brought together several stakeholders in the postal ecosystem to, together with startups, debate some of the most critical challenges.

Among postal operators, consultants and other stakeholders, CTT actively participated in the first two sessions dedicated, respectively, to automation and AI.

In addition to excellent topics for reflection, these sessions are a great opportunity to get in touch with startups from different countries, with all the innovative solutions they normally introduce. In fact, following the sessions, the 1520 Startup Program team is already in contact with several of them.

The Postal Innovation Platform is an open platform and forum that drives innovation in the postal, express and logistics ecosystem, with the objective to contribute to the success of the postal industry in a rapidly changing market environment.