We strive for efficiency.

Energy consumption accounts for around 5% of the total value of the goods and services we buy. It is a priority target when it comes to monitoring and implementing energy efficiency measures, especially in the largest components of the energy bill, namely air conditioning and lighting.

Increased energy efficiency brings direct environmental gains - each joule of energy saved corresponds to fewer carbon emissions - but also a stronger consolidated company balance sheet. The management and valorisation of energy and its sources is one of the greatest challenges of our time and requires the utmost attention.

Energy Management of Buildings

Electricity accounts for 36 per cent of all the energy we consume. The grid electricity we consume is certified and comes from 100 per cent renewable sources, with zero emissions. We also consume energy produced by photovoltaic solar panels installed on 20 of our buildings, with expansion planned for a further 33 sites.

The three production and logistics centres are the biggest energy consumers of the 1,200 or so CTT buildings. As the centres in the south and north are energy-intensive, this is where energy initiatives are a priority.

Indicators are monitored and controlled using advanced sensor solutions to identify and optimise actions that can reduce consumption and costs. We also carry out actions to modernise the equipment parks at various facilities and to correct results that do not meet the established requirements or proposed objectives. In these actions, we follow tried and tested best practices, introducing greater energy efficiency, and thus helping to reduce our energy footprint.

We also carry out pilot studies with innovative solutions specific to our operational activity, with the aim of reducing and optimising the energy consumption of our postal delivery centres, production and logistics centres and our retail shops.