Reports and rates

We have published annual Sustainability Reports since 2005. They are prepared according to the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) e guidelines and corresponding protocols to calculate indicators. In 2018, we adopted the integrated report methodology.



National, sectorial and worldwide ratings are key guidelines to align the companies’ policies with the market, business, social, corporate and planet needs. CTT respond to very demanding rates.

Annual quality rates

2023 Complaint Management System (PT)

See our annual quality rates 2022 (PT)

EMMS - Environmental Measurement and Monitoring System 

At the IPC (International Postal Corporation) Carbon Proficiency Sectorial Rating EMMS, we were awarded the third best classification among twenty participants worldwide. The significant reduction of carbon emissions coming from our direct activity from the beginning of the program, as well as our performance regarding carbon management, were decisive features.

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CDP – Carbon Disclosure Project 

We enhanced the leadership position, rated with A in what is considered as the main energy and carbon sustainability rating worldwide, the CDP. With performances above the national and sectorial averages, we got a 2nd place nationally and a 3rd place worldwide.

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