Diversity and equal opportunities

We respect everyone’s rights.

We guide our actions according to the guarantees and rights enshrined in:

  •  the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, of the United Nations (UN)
  • the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union
  • the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic
  • the Law, and in particular the labor legislation.

The place of women in the organization Our Plan for Equality 2024 introduces a diagnosis of the gender equality conditions in CTT, and draws up 43 specific measures to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To ensure the equality principle between women and men and nondiscrimination in the employment access.
  2. To contribute towards a fair and objective selection process for women and men
  3. To promote an equality culture between men and women at work, that favors work management practices aligned with the former.
  4. To promote the balanced participation of women and men in decision-making positions
  5. To promote a balance between women and men in strategic positions of the company
  6. To promote the equality between women and men as regards progression and professional development
  7. To ensure the principle of equal pay for equal work
  8. To ensure the right to parental leave for both men and women
  9. To promote male workers to use the parental leave
  10. To promote the conciliation between the professional life and the family and personal life of all workers.
  11. To prevent and to fight harassment in the workplace.

We are one of the founding members of this Forum led by CITE – Commission for the Equality in the Workplace and besides continuing to implement the Plan for Equality, we have designed a Code of Good Behavior to Prevent and to Fight Harassment in the Workplace

Women in Leadership positions

The Board is constituted by five women, which corresponds to 35,7% of the total and we fulfill the legal thresholds as regards the presence of each gender in our management and monitoring bodies.

By the end of 2022, the women represented:

  • 16,7% of managers of level 1
  • 47,2% of managers of level 2


Although in general terms, we have reached the parity in CTT, in what regards the different professional groups there are still the following ratios in what concerns women’s salaries versus men’s salaries:

  • Senior officials: 0,78
  • Middle management: 0,97
  • Counter staff: 0,94
  • Distribution: 0,93
  •  Others: 0,87

The fact that there are still differences in the average remuneration, which are unfavorable to women, reflects the history and the evolution of this subject in Portuguese society. Yet, we have been working to reverse this situation gradually and systematically.

Other policies towards equal opportunities

We are committed to develop policies that will ensure equal opportunities, regardless of any social facts:

  • in the admissions
  • in the professional career
  • in the promotions
  • in professional training

We have continued to train managers and remaining collaborators on the Right to Equal Opportunities and Non-Discrimination, through e-learning.

People with disabilities or with permanent work-incapacity

By the end of 2022, the percentage of persons with special or specific needs was 2,44%.


In 2022 and in terms of nationalities diversification, the representativeness of foreigners in the different geographies where CTT is present (that means, non-Portuguese in Portugal, non-Spanish in Spain and non-Mozambican in Mozambique) was of 1,84%.