Career development

We promote progression and evolution.

The Corporate Agreement establishes the purpose and the professional content for each of the professional categories and qualification levels.

The Corporate Agreement defines the principles of professional progress and evolution. They are based on the recognition, merit and performance, and on the skills development. Each employee’s development, commitment and effort will be rewarded, as well as his/her contribution to the value chain.

Performance assessment

The performance assessment is annual, on the year following the performance. It covers all permanent and fixed-term (more than six months) staff, regardless of their situation.

The performance management system is based on all employees’ assessment of behaviours and compliance with the targets established, considering all activities and functional groups.

This process involves a close communication between the supervisor and the employee, including the activity’s annual assessment and the presentation of the targets to the following year. In this sense, the training and development needs are identified.

Caption and retention

We have been trying to recruit highly motivated people with adequate skills, able to follow our business’ innovation and evolution requirements. 

Regarding talent management, we have developed:

  • Caption and recruitment events at the newest skills and competences’ market
  • development of supervisors and technical staff

We have been enhancing relationships with universities. We regularly participate in employment fairs: we receive students at our premises on the open-day and promote summer training programs.

We would like to stand out the conception and launch of a young talent development program, called Young Talent Development, integrated at Academia CTT. This program involved 27 senior staff members and aimed at the development of competences and increase the corporate commitment.

Because today's youth are the leaders of tomorrow, we have unique opportunities for those who want to start their careers in the world of logistics, distribution, retail, and services.

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