We invest in environmentally friendly solutions.

We invest in low impact solutions. For several years now CTT has purchased 100% of its electricity from renewable sources, which positively impacts the carbon footprint associated with its offer.

Where mitigation is not possible, we work to positively offset the impact of our product offer. People who use our products have increasingly embraced greener solutions, which also act as an element of awareness for this issue.

Since the introduction of the Eco CTT range of products in 2010, accumulated sales (already amounting to over 150 million euros) show that the consumer base is adopting increasingly responsible behaviors. At CTT, we are following this trend, making more and more products available that meet this expectation.

Easy Mail

The Easy Mail is a 100% ecological offer. It focuses on the environmental component and guarantees the carbon neutrality of its products, at no additional cost to the purchaser. In its operation cycle, we have already included many measures to mitigate the environmental impact, such as the incorporation of recycled materials in the packaging, or the use of ecological inks. On average, for each delivered Easy Mail item we release 51.1 grams of CO2 (a reduction from the 74.0 grams of CO2 each item released five years ago).


Considering this new market trend, we released a new offer, the Ciclo CTT service, in partnership with Loop and FNAC, which allows retailers to set up a circular economy operation, by promoting the sale of products reconditioned from their customers.
We also developed the Eco Reusable Packaging, with an expected endurance capacity of up to 50 shipments, allowing you to reduce the waste associated with single-use packaging solutions. 

The Green Deliveries offer is available for business customers and ensures that deliveries are made exclusively with electric vehicles. It is a service present in Lisbon and Oporto, which improves air quality in urban centers.

In Spain, CTT Express released new packaging formats that incorporate recycled and recyclable plastics. These packages bear the Blue Angel seal, a German certification that proves the adoption of good ecological practices. 

Eco Direct Marketing

Eco Direct Marketing services award a distinctive symbol to campaigns that positively stand out for their environmental performance and meet a series of ecological criteria. 

This measure was created to promote the use of eco-worthy mail - that uses environmentally friendly raw materials, responsible production processes, and ensures proper end-of-life management of products. 
The Eco range already represents 42% of the national Direct Mail traffic, with about 16.4 million items.