Sustainable Marketing

We invest in environmentally friendly solutions.

Our customers like environmentally friendly mail solutions. These solutions also work as a communication tool, due to some customers sensibility to these themes. It is another way to improve the company’s public image.

From its beginning, in 2010, the sale of the Eco CTT range of products already resulted in a 94 million euros revenue, mostly due to its environment and carbon features’ visibility.

Easy Mail

Easy Mail is a 100% ecologic offer. With the focus on the environmental feature, Easy Mail ensures its products’ carbon neutrality with no additional costs to customers. Despite losing in absolute terms, the Easy Mail Eco range sold around 4.3 million items. On average, for each Easy Mail item delivered we issue 74,0 grams of CO2..

Eco Direct Marketing

The Eco Direct Marketing services entitle a distinctive seal to campaigns that stand out for their environmental behaviour and comply with a set of ecologic criteria.

This initiative was created to promote the use of an environmentally friendly mail – that uses ecologic materials, responsible production processes and a correct management at the end of the products’ life cycle. 

In 2018, the Eco range kept the 40% share in the Direct Mail’s global traffic, moving around 22.8 million items.

Easy Mail carbon compensation projects

In 2018, we asked the public to vote at the Easy Mail’s carbon compensation projects through our website.

The most voted national project was “Criar Bosques” (Creating woods), that promoted the plantation of native species, trees and bushes. The international project chosen promotes the use of renewable biomass (producing bricks and other construction materials), in Northeast Brazil.

This initiative meets our stakeholders’ expectations and allows them to actively participate in the decision-making process.