CTT launches the option of scheduling the subscription of Savings Certificates on its website

6 de Julho, 2023

Foto da notícia

It is now possible to book your Savings Certificates and Value Savings Treasury Certificates online at a CTT Post Office. This Wednesday, CTT - Correios de Portugal launched a new feature on the CTT website.

The process is simple: just fill in the form and indicate the most convenient location, day and time to subscribe or open a savings account. The saver can also submit all the necessary documentation in digital format, speeding up the process even more. They will then be contacted to complete the appointment.

Savings Certificates and Poupança Valor Treasury Certificates are a savings option with all the guarantees and security issued by the Portuguese government.

These savings solutions are easy to subscribe to and easy to redeem. Savers can book the best time to subscribe or open a savings account with their favourite CTT Post Office. There are permanence or remuneration premiums, free of charge, and it is possible to withdraw or redeem at no cost. As it is a public debt, the savings and interest due are guaranteed by the Portuguese State, and can be withdrawn after 3 months.

In January this year, CTT signed a new debt distribution contract with IGCP - Agência de Gestão da Tesouraria e da Dívida Pública (Treasury and Public Debt Management Agency), effective for the next three years.

CTT is reinforcing its commitment to services in CTT Post Offices, offering the best savings solutions and financial services to our customers, from Savings Certificates to solutions for individuals and SMEs, including a strong insurance offer.