The CTT brand

500 Years of history

CTT has a unique history of dedication, commitment and professionalism that has brought the Portuguese and the world closer together for centuries. Our focus is to continue to be a worldwide reference postal operator, oriented towards sustainable growth, centered on the ideals of excellence and proximity, and focused on innovation.

We live in a context of profound transformation. These challenging moments are not obstacles for us, but rather an opportunity. This position has allowed CTT to remain at the forefront, offering a solid response to all customers. More than ever, we combine physical and digital, and this performance reflects the recognition that has been carried out by CTT in recent years.

CTT has always been an important partner for companies, through the creation of innovative solutions that help businesses growth. The good results achieved are the result of the dedication, commitment and professionalism of all our employees. All to continue to be a trusted brand and a company of solid values and high reputation.

Internationally recognized by the quality of service and innovation, we are a brand that deserves the confidence of the Portuguese people and which is intertwined with the country's own history. We reinvent ourselves daily over 5 centuries to ensure that we remain relevant in our purpose of connecting people and companies with full commitment.

Marca de Confiança Best Reputation