UOU mobility

The creator of a new mobility solution with the ELECTRIC UOU VEHICLE 100% electric, with zero emissions and zero noise, UOU mobility is based on an innovative system of micro generation of energy, being chargeable in a common power socket. Based on this platform, it developed the electric tricycle VEDUR (Urban Electric Distribution Vehicle) to transport CTT mailmen and their usual load of mail and parcels, increasing the loading capacity and the range of the routes, guaranteeing a massive reduction of the ecological footprint. VEDUR began to be tested in Aveiro during 2017, and the second phase of testing is already under way with a longer-range program (in time and diversity of use), and with more units in operation, to assess the possibility of actual implementation.

"The partnership with CTT and its dynamic presence in the reengineering of the vehicle allowed us to gain another perspective on the real needs of urban distribution. The input from CTT’s background allowed us to look at the delivery from another perspective. VEDUR was born as a result of this partnership." - Isa Silva - Founder and responsible for development and production at UOU