Owner of the MOV.AI brand, this startup has developed a universal software solution to introduce intelligence and manage autonomous robotic mobile vehicles. Using a navigation and control platform developed from the ground for the CTT project, 3 AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) were created, that together with a robotic arm enabled to create a process (RMS - Rest Mail Sorting Machine) that treats more than 90 000 items / day.

"It was a great pleasure working in partnership with CTT to design and install a system tailored to its needs, that resulted in a complex automated system that combines different types of robots operating side by side with CTT employees. The solution adopted includes the implementation of Robosavvy's "Tugbot" AGVs, autonomous mobile robots, in combination with a robotic arm for box handling and designing all software for system-wide control." - Limor Schweitzer - Owner & Manager of Robosavvy