These are the different areas of the future where we are already working, whether in the joint exploration of new business opportunities, whether from a perspective of optimizing operations or even boosting commercial efficiency.


E-commerce is approached as a lever for our core distribution activity. We are looking for solutions that allow us to position ourselves as the preferred operator to carry out deliveries. Get to know our implemented projects, for solutions aiming at businesses with online sales.


Banco CTT is the fastest growing bank in Portugal and Payshop is the largest payment network. We’re looking for solutions that reinforce simplicity, convenience and security

Logistics and operations

We are the largest national logistics and distribution operator, whose main focuses are operational optimization and environmental sustainability. Discover our projects in the optimization of operations.


We are the largest retail network in Portugal (more than 600 stores, 1,700 Post Offices and 4,000 Payshop Agents) that aim to keep up with the country's socio-economic evolution and demographic profile.

This is where we look for innovative solutions


We are the largest national hub that puts people and entities to communicate with each other, physically and digitally.

It is in this dichotomy that we intend to evolve