CTT partners with NÄZ and SANJO to launch the reusable eco packaging pilot project

22 February, 2022

CTT launched the Reusable ECO Packaging, a pilot project in partnership with Näz and Sanjo, which can be introduced multiple times into CTT's operational network, with an expected lifespan of up to 50 cycles. After that, the packaging is fully recycled, continuing a sustainable cycle.

By subscribing to this service, partners (e-sellers) now have access to reusable packaging to send their online shipments. At the same time, e-buyers may choose to receive their products in the reusable packaging or even, if required, use it for an exchange/return of their order.

After receiving his order, the e-buyer must return the package to a selected set of CTT Stores or PUDO Points, mailboxes or directly to the distributor upon delivery of  his order. When returning the package, the buyer is also rewarded with a discount voucher or shipping offer to be used in a future purchase at the online store where the order originated.