Coverage and accessibility

We value proximity.



We have the largest national contact network. We act as a structuring and determining element for social cohesion in the national territory.

Our public contact network consists of 2,363 access points, including 569 CTT Post Offices and 1,794 postal agencies. This network guarantees the availability and accessibility of the customer service and delivery, establishing itself as a platform of convenience and multi-service, with one access point for every 4,470 inhabitants.

Our network also includes:

  • 1,507 stamp vending machines
  • 83 automatic stamp vending machines
  • 14 postal products vending machines
  • 10,735 post offices and post office boxes, in 9,624 locations across the country
  • 5,271 Payshop agents

CTT continues to have a level of retail market coverage above the average of other European operators, with more access points per inhabitant and a shorter average distance between inhabitants and the nearest access points.


With around 66,000 customers a day in CTT Post Offices, accessibility is one of its hallmarks.

People with disabilities deserve special attention from CTT and the company has continued to carry out modernisation and refurbishment work. The types of accessibility that have been built include modernisation and refurbishment works to improve accessibility to our facilities for people with physical disabilities. The works include, for example, the construction of:

  • indoor and outdoor access ramps
  • lifting platforms
  • removable ramps
  • ramps in the public space next to the shop entrance
  • alterations to storefronts to open a door on side elevations.

Around 95 per cent of all the shops currently have improved accessibility conditions, in a continuous effort to improve access conditions for everyone.