Health and safety at work

We prevent incidents, accidents and occupational diseases.

The integrated policy of Quality, Environment and Security and Health at Work, which we consider one of the pillars of our performance, is now more than a decade old and its processes are well established. 

Still, we continue to invest in innovation in this area as well. In recent years, we have launched three programs with the goal of acting early in terms of health, avoiding work accidents and illness. The other goal is to foster and maintain a higher level of well-being and quality of life for our people.

Learn about the three programs:

  • Star

    We want to create a healthier work environment, with greater motivation and satisfaction. To this end, in the last year alone, our social service accompanied about 1,400 employees suffering from absence from work, which, in many cases, resulted in the attribution of psychosocial support.

  • Victory

    The program aims to assess, adjust tasks, and relocate people who begin, over time, to show constrained aptitude and other restrictions to work. People with greater restrictions go through a process of redeployment to new roles better suited to their constraints.

  • Life

    The program promotes healthier lifestyles through the publication of monthly webinars and podcasts and online initiatives. For example, the online Mindfulness sessions have been very well received.

Assessment of working conditions

The identification of hazards and the evaluation, control and reduction of risks are mechanisms to prevent incidents, accidents and occupational diseases. Evaluating the physical and psychological fitness of employees, through periodic medical checkups and examinations, contributes to the promotion of health at work.

Within the scope of Health and Safety at Work, there were 801 accidents and incidents at work in 2022, representing an increase of 1.5% compared to 2021, with the same trend in the number of days lost, totalling 22,801 days lost, 81% of which were attributed to male employees. The three main causes identified were: 

  • Road accidents: 33,8%
  • Excessive effort and false movements: 17%
  • Slips/Slides: 13% 

Occupational Medicine

Last year, 5,695 periodic, occasional and admission exams were performed. In addition, a detailed study was carried out at a Postal Delivery Centre with monitoring by the Occupational Physician with the objective of presenting proposals for improvements in processes, equipment and work methodologies, a study complemented by other visits to various workplaces to evaluate the conditions and functions.

Multi-award-winning Road Accident Program

In 2022, there was a levelling off in the number of road accidents with material consequences (not involving injuries). The record of 1. 266 accidents is slightly lower than in 2021 and is in line with the general trend since 2019, when there was a strong decrease compared to the period between 2016 and 2018.

The Road Safety Plan 2022-30 is a central goal. This is the roadmap that will lead CTT to achieve the goal of reducing fatalities in half, included in the Decade of Road Safety, declared in 2021 by the World Health Organization.

With the Road Safety Program, which we have been developing since 2015, we were awarded the PRAISE Award for Best Performing Large Company, in the 2018 edition of the awards promoted by ETSC - European Transport Safety Council.

In 2022, the latest developments of this program have again motivated new nominations for the same international awards.


Training courses dedicated to Health and Safety at Work accounted for more than 19,920.5 hours and were attended by more than 14,200 participants. The specific road safety program for operational areas involved more than 10,000 participants and more than 5,000 hours.