We invest in qualification.

One of our human resources management priorities is the continuous investment in training. We use both online and live training and prefer solutions that are closer and more adapted to the working rhythm and scope.

Training hours and volume

In 2018, 90% of our employees participated in training courses, totalizing 219 thousand hours, an average of 19 hours per employee. The training rate was of 1.1% (training hours/working hours). Of this rate, 49.7% was attended by women and 50.3% by men.

Due to the efficiency gains, it is worth mentioning that online training had more than 12 thousand participations, representing 26% of the total of the company’s training hours.


The training was organized by specific themes and areas, according to the needs identified. We also had training regarding themes that were common to several company’s departments.

Below is a table with the training hours distributed by the 11 programs that make our Training Plan.

grafico formacao