CTT partnership with LACS and Monday strengthens link to the startups ecosystem

5 January, 2022

CTT established a partnership with Monday and LACS to support startups that apply to the 1520 program to accelerate their ideas or business solutions.

Monday provides a set of services that the Business Design consultant considers crucial to help startups in their launch phase — through Design Thinking and UX/UI Design tools. This set will be divided into three separate levels : Light, Medium, and Full, which include different Design Thinking modules, as well as Innovation Bootcamps with the Design Sprints methodology.

As to the CTT / LACS agreement it aims to take advantage of complementarities and synergies in several areas, namely discounts to startups of the 1520 program on the list price of LACS memberships, as well as CTT support for startups in the LACS universe - in order to benefit from a set of perks related to the 1520 program startups. At the same time, the installation of the CTT 1520 StartuProgram in the LACS spaces will be analyzed, as well as a strategic partnership for the use of CTT spaces.