Whistleblowing Policy

When relating with all stakeholders, CTT’s activities are driven by respect for the principles of legality, good faith, responsibility, transparency, loyalty, integrity, professionalism and confidentiality.

Following these principles, CTT developed prevention and control mechanisms by defining procedures of reception, retention and processing of information on irregularities regarding accounting, internal accounting controls, fight against corruption, financial and banking crime voluntarily communicated by shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers or others.

Irregularities’ Communication Procedures

  • To identify the communication as confidential; in case the communication is made by letter, to ensure its confidentiality until reception by the corresponding addressee;

  • To identify the author, explicitly mentioning if his/her identity is confidential;

  • To contain a brief description of the facts supporting the event communicated.

Communications channels

Communications must be sent, in written, to the CTT Audit Commission by any of the following channels: