Ethics Committee

  • Chairwoman: Margarida Maria Correia de Barros Couto
  • Member: Raul Catarino Galamba de Oliveira
  • Member: Ana Maria Machado Fernandes
  • Member: Patrícia Alexandra Pinto Neto Durães Carolino
  • Member: Rui Pedro Dias Fonseca Silva
  • Member: Silvia Maria Correia

Ethics Committee Mission 

The Ethics Committee's mission is to ensure the monitoring and compliance with the standards contained in in the Code of Ethics and the Code of Good Conduct for the Prevention and Fight Harassment at the Workplace in force in the CTT Group, as well as to mitigate the risks of non-compliance, acting independently and impartially and exercising its competences in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Ethics Channel

Violations of the Code of Conduct must be reported to:

  • Email: (mailbox COMISSÃO DE ÉTICA (Ethics Committee))
  • Address: Remessa Livre 19239, Loja Gare do Oriente, 1991-963 Lisboa