Portugal: Forests’ preservation

This project aims to create and take care of native forests in Portugal, native trees and shrubs of the Portuguese flora. By engaging with various entities and volunteers, seeds are picked-up, trees and shrubs are planted, forests are taken care of and the Portuguese forest is recovered.

Forests play a key role in soil conservation and climate regulation, as well as supports the water and nutrients cycle. Forests are among the most important repositories of terrestrial biological diversity and this project helps maximize the services its ecosystems provide, which are so important to our daily life. This project promotes the restoration of various habitats and the recovery of threatened fauna and flora, aiming at the valorisation of our species and the recovery of biodiversity.

Between October 2008 and December 2019 there were 587.173 native trees and shrubs planted on areas of Special Conservation Interest, including public lands (e.g. protect areas and national forests) and private lands across the country.

Area features - Forests’ preservation

Name of the country Portugal
Area (km2) 91.606
Population (millions) 10,3

Per capita GDP (US$)

Life expectancy at birth (years)
Child mortality rate under-5 (per 1000 live births) 3,7
Adult illiteracy rate (%) 3,9
Ecological footprint (ha per capita) 4,1
Greenhouse Gases Emissions (ton per capita)