Brazil: Amazonia reforestation

This project aims at the forest protection and prevention of unplanned and illegal Amazonia native deforestation, promoting a sustainable forest management.

This project is in Brazil, in the Amazonia forest, and covers an area of 72 000 hectares of native forest. It promotes the forest protection and the local socio-environmental development.

The activities include a partnership with a neighbour state park, through which they promote local initiatives to create fire brigades and reduce fires. This will be reflected in very relevant environmental benefits, not only in terms of biodiversity (wild fauna and flora) but also in local and regional air quality. Besides, this project also involves the creation of technical schools directed to local students, in a partnership with the Colniza Council Administration.

It is expected that the project will reduce 30.000 tCO2 over 30 years. This project is verified under VCS and REDD certifications.

Area features - Brazil: Amazonia reforestation

Name of the country Brazil
Area (km2) 8.358.140
Population (millions) 209,5
Per capita GDP (US$) 8.921
Life expectancy at birth (years) 75,7
Child mortality rate under-5 (per 1000 live births) 14,4
Adult illiteracy rate (%) 6,8
Ecological footprint (ha per capita) 2,8
Greenhouse Gases Emissions (ton per capita) 2,61