Brazil: Envira - Deforestation prevention

This project aims at forest protection and prevention of unplanned and illegal deforestation of the native Amazonian Forest, promoting sustainable forest management.

 The Envira Amazonia project protects 39,000 hectares of rainforest along the Jurupari River, near the town of Feijó, in the state of Acre, Brazil, an area heavily deforested by intensive deforestation and cattle ranching in the region.

More than 200 people now benefit directly and indirectly from the project's activities through agricultural support and courses and sustainable economic alternatives such as the planting of rubber trees, with the aim of re-establishing the tree in the region and helping rubber tapper communities sell their rubber. It also has infrastructure improvements and the construction of a health centre and dental clinic.

This project is estimated to avoid the emission of more than 12.6 M tCO2 associated with reduced deforestation, thus preserving an extraordinary amount of biodiversity - especially rare birds.

This is an externally verified REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) project by VCS and due to its combination of well planned, recorded and tangible benefits on climate, community and biodiversity, the Envira Amazonia project has achieved CCB certification.

Area features - Envira - Deforestation prevention

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