To schedule an appointment at Hospital da Luz at the counter a CTT Post Office? Yes, it is already possible. And it's so easy!

5 December, 2022

As of now, it will be possible to book appointments and exams at Hospital da Luz at the counter of a CTT Post Office and even talk directly to the doctor through a video appointment.

This is the goal of the innovative project under development in the scope of a partnership between CTT-Correios de Portugal (Portuguese Mail Service) and Hospital da Luz, which aims to ensure fast, easy and proximity access to health care at Hospital da Luz Network.

Designed to avoid the costs of travelling to the hospital and to overcome possible difficulties of mobility and digital illiteracy, especially among the elderly, this project aims to ensure easier contacts with the Hospital da Luz services, taking advantage of the capillarity of the CTT retail network.

Thus, in addition to the booking of appointments and exams at the CTT counter, video-consultations will also be available at selected CTT Stores for scheduled appointments and urgent consultations with a doctor from the Hospital da Luz Network, in which the privacy and comfort of patients and the safety of the clinical procedure are guaranteed.

Initially, this project will be launched in CTT Post Offices in Alcobaça, Leiria and Viseu, with its gradual expansion to the entire CTT network planned for later.

All employees will have the necessary technical training to support the 'entry' of patients and clients to the video consulting room and the digital access to the consultation with the physician from Hospital da Luz Network.

Two types of video-appointments will be available: the scheduled video-appointments, for all medical fields; and the urgent video-appointment for Adults and Paediatrics, without the need for an appointment, aimed at acute illness situations without the need for physical observation.

All health care is provided by the Hospital da Luz clinical staff, and the urgent video-appointments will be performed by doctors who are on duty at the Urgent Care of the Hospital da Luz Network, with the possibility for customers to have a personalized access at the nearest Hospital da Luz, in case of need.

With this new service, CTT-Correios de Portugal and Hospital da Luz once again reinforce the importance of being close to the population, ensuring that their clients have access to all the goods and services they need, whether they are CTT postal services or health care under the Hospital da Luz brand, a healthcare reference in Portugal.

It should be noted that the new equipment - the video consulting room -, which will be available at CTT Post Offices, was designed and manufactured in Portugal from an ecosystem of national companies, in which CTT-Correios de Portugal and Hospital da Luz are integrated and with whom they collaborate in several partnerships.