Microsoft for Startups is a program that provides access to business, technology and community benefits, helping startups build a trusted platform that grows along with them

  • What Microsoft for Startups offers

    - Tech enablement - providing a package of technological perks products and an extensive network of tech experts.

    - Market access - connecting startups with some of the biggest corporations, all of whom have specific problem statements they are looking to solve

    - Co-creation - working closely with some of Microsoft's largest corporate partners to solve for specific challenges and co-create together

    - Investor readiness –helping to understand how investor ready a startups is and providing exposure to Microsoft’s VC partner network.

  • Benefits for the startups of the CTT 1520 Startup program

    - Microsoft for Startups Access CTT 1520 - startups will have direct access to Microsoft for Startups program benefits when criteria eligibility applies (*), as well as personalized follow-up throughout the program

    - Mentoring - Access to Microsoft Technical & Commercial Mentors (1-1 approach)

    - Workshops - Tech & Commercial sessions with Microsoft Experts dedicated to CTT 1520 Startup network

(*) applied eligibility criteria

1 - Startups must be engaged in the development of a software based product or service that will form a core piece of their current or intended business. This  software must be owned, not licensed.

2 - Startups must be privately held. Pre Seed, Seed, Series A C stage (or equivalent).

3 - The startups are not an educational institution, government entity, personal blog, dev shop, consultancy, agency, bitcoin or crypto mining company.

4 - Startups must not have previously been enrolled in a Microsoft for Startups program.