Preventing and Fighting Harassment at Work Policy

  • CTT and its Subsidiaries recognize the importance of these measures and the promotion of a healthy working environment, that raise the dignity of the people that are in it, and contributing to the professional and human development of all employees.

  • They fully assume the obligation of adopting and enforcing a Code of Good Conduct to prevent and fight harassment at work, based on a zero-tolerance principle applied worldwide.

Communication channels

Violation of the CTT and Subsidiaries’ (except Banco CTT’s) Code of Good Conduct must be reported to:

  • Email: comissao.etica@ctt.pt (mailbox Comissão de Ética - Ethics Commission)
  • Address: Remessa Livre 19239, Loja Gare do Oriente, 1991-963 Lisbon Portugal

Violation of the Banco CTT Code of Good Conduct must be reported to one of the following Departments of the Bank:

  • Human Resources Department or Compliance Department.