What is SIGA and how to use it?

What is SIGA?

If we leave a delivery note at your mailbox, the SIGA service enables you to:

  • ask for another delivery attempt at the same address or at another address.

  • request to collect your delivery at the most convenient CTT Post Office.

You can request the SIGA service only when:

Know more about these changes.

As of January 2020, the online SIGA requests are made in "Track or change delivery".

How to request the SIGA service

There are several ways to request the SIGA service:

At the website (the easiest and fastest way)

Enter the tracking code written in the delivery note left inside your mailbox in “Track or change delivery". After entering the code, follow the instructions.

If the delivery note has no tracking code or if the code is illegible, follow these steps.

At a CTT Post Office or through the CTT customer service

You may also request the SIGA service at any CTT Post Office or by calling the CTT customer service. Whenever possible, when contacting, please have your delivery note with you.