Did you know that writing a letter can bring a few surprising benefits?

In addition to providing a more peaceful and pleasant environment, this habit can also help develop your ability to express your emotions more clearly. Writing a letter is a way to exercise your mind and expand your vocabulary, which can significantly improve your ability to communicate. Moreover, it is a unique opportunity to connect with people more deeply and express your care and appreciation for them in a way that is simply impossible through email or other digital means.

Writing a letter can be a great option for you!


  • You don't need electricity

    It's good for the environment because you don't need electricity to write and read the letters. Nor to store them!
  • Decreases the carbon footprint

    You can attach small physical objects (within the weight limit) to letters. The carbon footprint of this transport is smaller than carrying them personally.
  • It is never deleted

    A letter never runs the risk of being accidentally deleted.
  • Greater consideration in writing

    It increases clarity and focuses the reader's attention. Written communication gives you room for preparation and thoughtfulness, rather than communicating through thoughtless messages.
  • Your fingerprint

    Letters are more personal, mainly because you use your own handwriting, which is as personal as your fingerprint.

Do you know the basic steps to write and send a letter?

Step 1

Fold the letter in three, open the envelope and put the letter inside.

Step 2

Close the envelope. You can use your saliva, but a glue stick is better, and you don't risk cutting your tongue!

Step 3

Write the name of the addressee. It should be located in the lower right corner, with the person's name.

Step 4

Write the name of the street, avenue, or other area code, followed by the building number, floor and door, and enter the 7-digit zip code.

Step 5

Write your address in the upper left corner, so CTT can return your letter if it gets lost.

Step 6

Glue the stamp and put it in a mailbox.