CTT and Quercus are committed to help all people in Portugal contribute to the health of our forests

  • For each 'A Tree for the Forest' kit you buy, we guarantee that we will plant a tree or shrub of a Portuguese native species and monitor its growth.

    In this edition, we will plant the Portuguese Oak species in the Ribatejo region at the beginning of next year.

  • In celebration of the 10th edition of the campaign, we have some news for you. This year, you can already purchase your kit in digital format from the Online Store and also observe the chosen native species growing in augmented reality anywhere, through the QR Code printed on the kit.

  • Join the numerous ambassadors who support this campaign, such as Fernanda Freitas, Sandra Cóias, Joana Teles, The Legendary Tigerman, and Chef António Alexandre, and come make a difference in our forests.

    For us and for the generations that will follow us.