Solidary Santa Claus

Since 2009 that CTT’s Solidary Santa Claus is associated to Social Solidarity Institutions that take care of children in need of social care.

 In the scope of this initiative, children up to 12 years-old from those institutions are requested to write letters to Santa Claus, sent by CTT, where they reveal the gifts they wish to receive. These letters are written or drawn requests, sometimes the latter are glued to those letters. Those wishes are then sponsored by the Portuguese.

The letters are available at the website between November 17th 2023 and January 6th 2024.

The sponsors only have to choose the letter of one child and sponsor it, by buying the requested gift and delivering it at the Post Office, which will send it to the Institution at no cost for our customers. The gift must be new and correspond to the request made by the child, although it doesn’t have to be exactly the same.

Always be updated on this project through our Facebook page.

This way, we help the Portuguese people to put a smile on the face of all children during Christmas time.

For children’s protection reasons, the deliveries are anonymous, and the children’s and sponsors’ data are only known by CTT.
Therefore, the gift should not be wrapped, and the Post Office will provide the package and the delivery.