CTT helps local authorities simplify procedures by dematerialising processes

25 de Março, 2024

CTT - Correios de Portugal, reinforcing its close relationship with Parish Councils across the country, continues to support them by optimising processes, thus generating more efficiency and reducing costs in various procedures associated with municipal management.

Under the theme "Ordinance 112/23 - Treatment of Archival Information", CTT, in partnership with ANAFRE and Reisswolf, organised a virtual meeting with around 400 participants, including Parish Councils and Municipalities. This Ordinance aims to classify, evaluate, select, dispose of and preserve documents produced, in any medium, by entities exercising local administration functions.

CTT and its partner Reisswolf have built solutions that allow municipalities to fully comply with this new requirement with minimal cost and effort. At the same time, through CTT's partnerships and systems, support services for municipalities in the area of document management/process externalisation include:

- Consultancy: a technical team qualified to describe, evaluate and select documentation, producing inventories, disposal records, evaluation reports, project reports, etc.;

- Document digitisation: solutions for mass document dematerialisation (one-off) and regular document dematerialisation (periodic) on an outsourcing or insourcing basis. These modular solutions are configured and parameterised to meet the business needs involved in the projects, guaranteeing indexing requirements, quality control, reporting and interoperability with the client's systems;

- Archive Custody and Management: the purpose of the archive custody service is to outsource the tasks of custody, preservation and consultation of the archive, keeping it in suitable conditions and easy to consult. Our facilities have been designed to guarantee the security of the entire document archive, allowing for: rationalisation of physical space; freeing up human resources; preservation and confidentiality; accessibility to documents.;

- Confidential Document Destruction: the security of information must be guaranteed at the place where it is produced, by using secure containers to store documents that are considered obsolete. To this end, we have our safe-type metal containers, equipped with an integrated security lock that makes them tamper-proof. Documents must be placed in the containers in their original state (without tearing or crumpling), including staples and paper clips;

- Document management: aimed at promoting environmental protection, we offer a solution for the environmental management of our clients' activities, which guarantees: collection and recycling of the waste produced in their daily activities. Obtaining useful indicators for managing their activities and obtaining an Ecological Footprint certificate, including, for example, the amount of waste sent for recycling, the number of trees, water and electricity saved, among others. Managing the information associated with SILIAmb (Integrated Environmental Licensing System), including the annual reporting of waste produced.

Digitising and processing documents has numerous advantages. In addition to reducing costs, they make document management more efficient with solutions that meet the specific needs of each client.