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Discover the first physical postage stamp associated with an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) supported by a unique and disruptive technology.

The Crypto Stamp CTT is the first philatelic issue with a digital asset, created and verified using Blockchain technology, guaranteeing its authenticity and security.

Welcome to the new World of Crypto Stamps CTT

  • A physical and a digital stamp

    Your Crypto Stamp is available in physical and digital format (NFT). When buying the physical stamp you have access to the digital stamp. Alternatively, you can buy just the digital Crypto Stamp.

  • Your Crypto Stamp

    There are 40,000 Crypto Stamps in digital format, where 30,000 are accompanied by a physical stamp (booklet). When redeeming your NFT, you will discover the rarity level, randomly assigned, as well as possible associated exclusive benefits.

    - Common - 35,000 copies
    - Rare - 4 900 copies
    - Super Rare - 99 copies
    - Unique - 1 copy

The first digital stamp with Portuguese legacy

The caravel is the concept of the first CTT Crypto Stamp. It is a symbol of the Discoveries, of the will to open up the world, and now of an issue to discover the future.

We pay homage to the past with our eyes set on the future. Watch the video and learn about the history of philately in Portugal.

Frequently Asked Questions

After redeeming the Crypto Stamp what happens to the physical stamp?

After redeeming your Crypto Stamp using the numerical code shown in the booklet, you can collect the physical stamp or use it to stamp and send mail.

What are the precautions to take with a Crypto Stamp?

The purchase of the digital Crypto Stamp must always be made through the official links available on the Stampsdaq platform, to guarantee the authenticity at the time of purchase. Always validate that you are buying your Crypto Stamp through the official links available on the CTT website or by accessing the Stampsdaq platform directly.

Safely preserve and store your Crypto Stamp in your Crypto Wallet and never share your private keys to protect your digital asset.

How to store the Crypto Stamp?

Crypto Stamps need a place to be stored. This storage function is supported by digital wallets (Crypto Wallets).

Crypto Wallets allow you to store and manage the private keys of Crypto Stamps, keeping them secure and immediately accessible through your electronic device. There are several Crypto Wallets available, so choosing one should meet the needs of those who own the Crypto Stamp.

Unlike most traditional digital applications, CTT or Stampsdaq do not have any custody or management over Crypto Wallets and their corresponding content, so that the true digital property is preserved by the buyer, as well as its management and safeguarding. Never share your private keys. All liability for the security of Crypto Stamps rests with its owner.

How do I get a Crypto Wallet?

The recommended Crypto Wallet for Crypto Stamp CTT is Metamask.

Find out how to install and create a Crypto Wallet Metamask.

Can I only buy a Pack of 3 Crypto Stamps CTT at Stampsdaq?

The minimum purchase of CTT digital Crypto Stamps, purchased exclusively on the Stampsdaq platform, is always 3 units.

Is the Crypto Wallet secure?

For security and privacy reasons, access to the Crypto Wallet is under the full responsibility of its owner, and some security features should be considered.

We recommend that you always keep your secret passphrase in a safe place and in the order shown, and never share it with others. This secret passphrase is unique, exclusive, and personal and is essential for future access to your Crypto Wallet and imports.

Please note that if you lose or forget your secret passphrase and uninstall the MetaMask software from your computer, you will not be able to access your Crypto Wallet in the future. You will then lose full access to your digital assets, including your CTT Crypto Stamps. Your Crypto Wallet and your digital assets will continue to exist on the blockchain, but for them to be accessed and transacted by you in the future, you will be required to import your Crypto Wallet.

I am part of the collector's club; will I get the Crypto Stamp?

If you are a customer with a self-adhesive stamp subscription plan you will receive the Crypto Stamp automatically through your subscription.

If you do not have such stamps under subscription, you can purchase the Crypto Stamp at CTT Post OfficesOnline Store or directly at the collector's customer support.

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