How to redeem the digital stamp

If you have already purchased the physical Crypto Stamp and want to redeem the NFT, find out how to do it here.

  • Install the Crypto Wallet software

    To access your Crypto Stamp CTT install the Crypto Wallet MetaMask.


  • Create your Crypto Wallet

    To create your Crypto Wallet, accept the Terms and Conditions and follow the instructions.

    Write and securely store your passphrase in a safe place and in the order presented. This passphrase is unique, unique to your Crypto Wallet MetaMask, and will be essential for future logins and imports. If you lose or forget your passphrase, you completely lose access to your digital assets stored there, with no chance of recovering them.


  • Setup your Crypto Wallet

    After creating your Crypto Wallet MetaMask, you must set it up to redeem your new Crypto Stamp CTT on the Polygon Mainnet network.

    After setup, confirm that you have the Polygon Mainnet network selected. This step is important so that the Crypto Stamp CTT redemption is carried out on the correct network.


  • Redeem the digital stamp on the StampsDaq platform

    Scratch off the code available in your booklet, log into and connect with your Crypto Wallet Metamask. Enter your code on the StampsDaq platform and start your Crypto Stamp transaction process. This will be visible in your Crypto Wallet.


Crypto Stamps can be sold in booklet format or individually, offering digital twins in the form of NFTs, CTT is only responsible for selling the physical stamps. The acquisition, access and use of the NFT stamp is always carried out through the Stampsdaq website and under its responsibility. See the Terms and Conditions about purchasing a Crypto Stamp.