General conditions of use for the personalized stamp product

Product provider: CTT- Correios de Portugal, S. A., with a registered head office at Avenida dos Combatentes, n.º 43, 14.ºPiso, 1643-001
Lisboa, registered at the Lisbon Commercial Registry Office, 4 th Precinct, under No. 1697, with a capital of 71.957.500,00 €, registered under Corporate Tax No. 500077568.

By Order No. 1335/2007 dated 10 October, CTT – Correios de Portugal S A was authorised to commence the circulation of specially issued stamps known as “personalized stamps”

1. Definitions

Personalized stamp” – This product allows stamps to be personalized with arrangements set out in paragraphs 1.1 to 1.5 by incorporating images and/or texts, namely logos, photographs and original artistic creations amongst other elements, thus enabling the CLIENT to introduce a unique element on to postage stamps.

“CTT” - CTT – Correios de Portugal, S.A. – Sociedade Aberta, identified above as the product provider.

“CLIENT” – Individual or company that acquires the Personalized stamp product under the terms of this contract. 

 Within the Personalized stamp product, CLIENT can choose from the following options:

1.1. Sheet with 25 stamps equals - CLIENT has to upload his own image;

1.2. Sheet with 12 stamps equals - CLIENT has to upload his own image;

1.3. Sheet with 12 selected Stamps - CLIENT can choose 12 similar or different images, all in portrait or landscape, from resident images of CTT website;

1.4. Sheet with 12 pre-defined Stamps - CLIENT can choose a sheet of 12 stamps already defined, from the resident pre-defined sheets of CTT website;

1.5. Sheet with 12 montage Stamps - CLIENT can choose the character with which he wants to share space in  the Personalized stamp, making the assembly of an image gallery of images residing on CTT website, over his own image;

2. Preconditions for use

2.1. Product  choice

2.1.1. CLIENT selects the destination and desired weight level, which will correspond to a particular denomination that will appear on stamps.

2.1.2. Personalized stamps have the face value indicated by the CLIENT, which is uniformly for all stamps of the same request.

2.1.3. Among the arrangements described in paragraph 1., CLIENT chooses the one he wants.

2.2. Image upload

2.2.1. CLIENT will upload his own image to be used (see options set out in paragraphs 1.1, 1.2 and 1.5) or image from gallery of images residing on CTT website (see options set out in paragraphs 1.3 and 1.4).

2.3. Images characteristics

2.3.1. Any personal images uploaded by the CLIENT must be in a jpg format, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and a maximum file size of 500 KB (ideal 425 X 285 píxeis horizontal  image and 315 X 395 píxeis for vertical image). Image will be automatically rejected if it does not conform to these limits. 

2.3.2. CLIENT will also select the layout of the personalized stamp (horizontal or vertical) and will indicate the part of the image to be used.

2.3.3. CLIENT can make adjustments to the quality of the image, using the tools available on the website for this purpose.

2.4. Acceptance of general conditions

2.4.1. The use of the Personalized stamp product is subject to the general conditions of use contained in this contract and the use of the product therefore presupposes that the said general conditions have been carefully read, understood and accepted beforehand.

2.4.2. Customer may authorize or not that the image of the stamp will form part of the gallery of the CTT website, and that CTT may play it in the form of stamp on any occasion.

2.4.3. The use of the Personalized stamp product is likewise subject to the legal provisions contained in the said Order No. 1335/2007 dated 10 October and other legislation applicable to stamps.

2.5. Finalising the order 

CLIENT will finalise the request to use the Personalized stamp with the choice of payment method to use.

3. Validating the contents of images and production of the order

3.1. CTT is responsible for validating the content of any images used on personalized stamps.

3.2. It is forbidden to use images that are against the law, good taste and public order and morals, or images which violate fundamental rights, induce or instigate the perpetration of crimes and discriminatory behaviour on the basis of gender, race, religion, beliefs, age or any other social or personal condition, as well as images that constitute illegal, misleading or fraudulent publicity, or which violate intellectual and industrial copyrights or which infringe, in any way, the rights of CTT – Correios de Portugal, S.A., or third parties.

3.3. In the event that the image is not approved, this decision will be communicated to the CLIENT by e-mail within a maximum period of 5 business days.

3.4. CTT reserves the right to refuse any images which it believes do not comply with the requirements detailed in these general conditions.

3.5 CTT reserves the right to request the CLIENT to present any and all evidence that it deems necessary with regard to the underlying rights governing the use of the images.

3.6. If an image is refused, the CLIENT does not have any right to claims or be reimbursed or compensated. In its turn, CTT will not charge any sum in the event that, due to the rejection of an image, the CLIENT does not wish to proceed with the order.

3.7. After the images have been validated and the respective payment for the product has been confirmed, CTT will commence production of the Personalized stamp.

4. Validity of personalized stamps and quantities

4.1. Personalized stamps will be valid for the purposes of postage until the end of the year after the year in which they were printed, for the postage printed on the stamps, and will enjoy the same conditions as other forms of postage.

4.2. Personalized stamps will be supplied in sheets of 12 or 25 self-adhesive stamps. Each order must consist of a minimum quantity of 12 or 25 stamps and additional quantities must be ordered in multiples of 12 or 25 stamps, according to the Personalized stamp product which has been chosen by the client.

5. Prices

5.1. Price of the personalized stamp consists of the following elements:

       Price = cost of personalization + postage + delivery charges

5.2. Cost of personalization is defined in the following manner:

Sheet of 25 stamps



up to 4 sheets

€ 16,75

5 to 9 sheets

€ 15,07

10 to 39 sheets

€ 14,51

40 to 99 sheets

€ 14,23

100 sheets or more

€ 13,95

Prices include VAT at prevailing rates

Sheet of 12 stamps, Sheet of 12 selected stamps, Sheet of 12 pre-defined stamps, Sheet of 12 montage stamps



up to 8 sheets

€ 8,04

9 to 19 sheets

€ 7,23

20 to 81 sheets

€ 6,96

82 to 206 sheets

€ 6,83

207 sheets or more

€ 6,70

Prices include VAT at prevailing rates

5.3. Cost of the postage is chosen by the CLIENT, under the terms of point 2.1. of these general conditions.

5.4. Delivery charges for sending personalized stamps that have been ordered to the CLIENT are defined, up to 2 kg, by the official charges for Registered Personal Delivery Mail, according to the corresponding charges for the weight of the order. For orders weighing over 2 kg, the official prices for normal domestic surface parcel post (Z2) will be charged, according to the package weight.

5.5  Payment for the product will be made through the payment methods available on the website or through a voucher that has been purchased beforehand in a Post Office

6. Delivery

6.1. Personalized stamps included in each order will be delivered by CTT to the CLIENT’s residence or to any other address indicated by the CLIENT that is situated within the national territory of Portugal.

6.2. Personalized stamps will be delivered within a maximum period of 7 working days from the date when the images are validated and the respective payment is confirmed, as has been detailed under the terms of point 3 above, except in cases of force majeure which cannot be attributed to CTT and make it impossible to deliver the order under the terms and conditions described herein. In such cases CTT cannot be held responsible in any manner. 

7. Responsibility

7.1. CLIENT expressly declares that he or she holds all the intellectual or industrial copyrights of the images, texts, logos, brand names, trademarks or any other elements to be reproduced. In the event that the copyright for any of these elements belongs to a third party, the CLIENT declares that he or she possesses all the necessary licences and permission to use the same.

7.2. If CLIENT wishes to include any images or other elements in the personalized stamps that are copyright protected by a third party, the CLIENT must present the respective authorisation allowing the use of the element.

7.3. CLIENT is personally and directly responsible for any damages and losses caused to CTT or third parties by the undue or illegal use of images and other elements that the CLIENT has requested to be reproduced in personalized stamps.

7.4. CLIENT is obliged to bear all the expenses incurred by CTT as a result of any claim or judicial proceedings pertaining to any violations by the CLIENT of the copyright of third parties with regard to the images or other elements that the CLIENT has presented to be included in personalized stamps.

7.5. CTT is not responsible for any variations in the colour and quality of the image that may arise during the process of resizing and printing the images uploaded by the CLIENT.

8. Termination

In the event of a failure to fulfil any of the obligations resulting from these general conditions, CTT has the right to terminate the contract and cancel the product being provided, through a written notification sent to the CLIENT, with immediate effect

9. Contact information

Any correspondence with CTT regarding Personalized stamp product must be addressed to:

  1. Informations Line: 707 26 26 26
  2. E-mail:
  3. Rede Lojas / MKR/GPR

   Personalized stamp manager

Avenida dos Combatentes, n.º 43, 14.ºPiso,
1643-001 Lisboa


10. Laws and jurisdiction

These general conditions are subject to Portuguese laws.

Any disputes arising from the contract for use of the Personalized stamp product, including with regard to the interpretation, integration or application of these general conditions, are subject to the jurisdiction of the district of Lisbon, expressly renouncing any other jurisdictions.