General Conditions for the "Personalized Postcard" product

Product provider: Correios de Portugal, S A, with a registered head office at Avenida dos Combatentes, n.º43, 14.ºPiso, 1643-001 Lisboa, registered at the Lisbon Commercial Registry Office, under a single registration and corporate tax number: 500077568.

Personalized Postcard, while a proprietary product of CTT – Correios de Portugal, S.A., henceforth referred to as CTT, is available to users, henceforth referred to as a CLIENT, subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Definitions

a. What is a personalized postcard?

A product that that allows users to quickly and conveniently create a personalized postcard on the website, which is later printed and delivered to the addressee by the CTT, through its mail services.

b. How do people use the product?

The CLIENT selects an image provided by them or chosen from the image gallery that is available on-line at Personalized Postcards website (, edits the image, using the editing tools available on-line on the website for the purpose, and creates a postcard, indicating the name(s) and address(es) of the recipient(s) to whom the postcard is to be sent, along with the name and address of the sender. The image uploaded by the client must be a file with a .jpeg format, with a maximum size of 2Mb.

c. Quantities 
The CLIENT can purchase and send the desired quantity of postcards, up to a maximum limit of one thousand postcards per order.

d. Delivery of the personalized postcards 
This service is available for national and international deliveries. CTT will deliver postcards to addresses within Portugal through the Express Mail Service while postcards bound for international destinations will be delivered by normal international mail.

2. Assumptions of use

a. The use of the Personalized Postcard product is subject to these General Conditions of Use, which, by using Personalized Postcard product, the CLIENT expressly acknowledges and accepts. 

b. CTT acts only as transmitter and means of communication in the process of creating, printing, sending and delivering the postcards created and addressed by the CLIENT, without effecting any kind of review or appraisal of images and/or messages included by the CLIENT on the postcards.

3. Content of the images

a. It is forbidden to use images that violate legal stipulations, are contrary to good taste, public order or morals, or images that violate fundamental rights, induce or instigate the perpetration of crimes and discriminatory behaviour on the basis of gender, race, religion, beliefs, age or any other social or personal condition, as well as images that constitute illegal, misleading or fraudulent publicity, or that violate intellectual and industrial copyrights or which infringe, in any way, the rights of CTT – Correios de Portugal, S.A., or third parties.

b. CTT reserves the right to request the CLIENT to provide any and all evidence that it feels is necessary with regard to the underlying rights governing the use of the images.

4. Registering on the CTT website

a. The Personalized Postcard product is accessed through the CTT website. It is mandatory the register on the website for the use of the service.

b. It is mandatory the register on the CTT website in order to use the Personalized Postcard product.

c. With the register on the CTT website CLIENT can take advantage of a number of benefits offered by the Personalized Postcard product after logging in.

d. The benefits available to a CLIENT who registers on the CTT website:

  • The CLIENT list of contacts is stored on-line, facilitating future use of the service.

  • The postcards that have been created are stored on-line, thus allowing a CLIENT to once again order a postcard that has already been created or to re-edit the image(s) used on past postcards.

  • The CLIENT can create a calendar of important dates for his or her contacts, and can use a reminder service for these dates.

  • The sender’s information on the postcards that are created will be stored on-line and it is thus not necessary to enter these details every time a new postcard is created. At the same time, should the CLIENT so wish, these details can be changed quickly and conveniently.

e. CTT guarantees that it will not use the data provided by a CLIENT registered at for commercial purposes and will not share this information with third parties without the express authorisation of the CLIENT to this effect under the terms of applicable legislation.

5. Delivery by CTT to the addressee

a. Postcards will be delivered to the addressee by CTT under the terms detailed in line d) of Clause 1 of these General Conditions, with regard to the methods of delivery.

b. Postcards will be delivered without an envelope when they are postcards created with pictures from Personalized Postcard image gallery.

c. In the case of postcards created with the personal images of the CLIENT, they will be sent inside envelopes so as to ensure that the image cannot be viewed by anyone involved in the delivery process.

d. Under the terms of Clause 1 of these General Conditions, it is compulsory to indicate the address of the sender, to whom the postcard will be returned in the event that delivery proves to be impossible.

e. In cases where the sender’s address is not indicated and should it prove impossible to deliver the postcard to the addressee, the respective object will be sent to the mail recovery centre.

f. The delivery periods for personalized postcards vary according to the type of service which has been chosen – national or international – and the time and day when the order is received. For orders received up to 07:30 a.m. from Monday to Friday, the postcards will be delivered within the following time frames:

1. For destinations within Portugal:

a. Gallery image – the delivery period is two working days

b. Personal image – the delivery period is three working days

2. For international destinations:

a. Europe:

i. Gallery image – the delivery period is five working days

ii. Personal image – the delivery period is six working days

b. Rest of the World:

i. Gallery image – the delivery period is eight working days

ii. Personal image – the delivery period is nine working days.

g. For orders received after 07:30 a.m. on a working day, an additional working day will be added to the time periods mentioned in 1 and 2 of the preceding point.

h. Whenever orders are received after 07:30 a.m. and the following day is not a working day, the order will only be processed on the next working day. This is also the case when orders are received on non-working days.

i. CTT’s responsibility regarding the delivery of postcards via mail services, is regulated by the Public Postal Services Act, approved by Decree-Law No. 176/88, dated 18 May, and by the Universal Postal Union Acts and other applicable special and complementary postal legislation.

6. Prices

Click here to view the price list for this service.

7. Payment

Different payment methods are available:

a. Visa

b. ATM cards

c. Payshop

The Personalized Postcard order will only be produced and sent after the CLIENT has confirmed that payment has been made for the order.

8. Verification of images

Os CTT does not carry out any verification of the images and it is the responsibility of the CLIENT to verify the conditions for use of personal images, as stipulated in Clause 3 above.

9. Responsibility

a. Personalized Postcard product is property of CTT – Correios de Portugal, S.A..

b. The contents of the Personalized Postcard product, namely postcards created on the basis of the image gallery available to the CLIENT, are protected by Portuguese law, namely by the Copyright Code and Associated Rights, the Industrial Property Code and other applicable legislation.

c. The CLIENT can only use the postcards from the said image gallery in the context of the Personalized Postcard product.

d. The CLIENT is expressly prohibited from copying, reproducing, distributing or making creations based on the contents of this service, outside the context of the Personalized Postcard product, without express authorisation from CTT for the purpose.

e. With the exception of the postcard images made available by CTT in the service catalogue, the CLIENT is solely responsible for the contents of images and/or messages, namely texts, images, photographs, address lists or other kinds of material and personal information, which is transmitted through the Personalized Postcard product.

f. The CLIENT expressly declares that he or she holds all the intellectual or industrial copyrights of the images, texts, logos, brand names, trademarks or any other elements to be reproduced on the postcard. In case the copyright for any of these elements belongs to a third party, the CLIENT declares that he or she possesses all the necessary licences and permission to use the same.

g. If the CLIENT wishes to include in personalized postcards images or other elements that are copyright protected by a third party, the CLIENT must present the respective authorisation allowing their use.

h. The CLIENT is personally and directly responsible for any damages and losses caused to CTT or third parties by the undue or illegal use of images and other elements that the CLIENT has requested to be reproduced in personalized postcards.

i. The CLIENT is obliged to bear all the expenses incurred by the CTT as a result of any complaint or judicial suit pertaining to any violations by the CLIENT of the copyright of third parties with regard to the images or other elements that the CLIENT has presented to be included in personalized postcards.

j. The CLIENT is responsible to the CTT for any and all undue use of Personalized Postcard product, which can be directly imputed to the CLIENT, as well as for any violation of these Conditions of Use.

k. CTT does not offer any guarantees as to the permanent availability of Personalized Postcards product.

l. CTT is not responsible for any failure in the communications network supporting the product, or for any other reason of force majeure which causes any kind of failure or delay in any operation that the CLIENT carries out while using Personalized Postcard product. No eventual damages or losses arising thereof can be attributed to the CTT.

m. CTT is not responsible to the CLIENT and/or to third parties for any losses or damages that result directly or indirectly from using Personalized Postcard product.

n. CTT is not responsible for any variations in colour and the quality of the image that could arise on account of the characteristics of the resizing and the printing of images uploaded by the CLIENT.

10. Termination

In the event of a failure to fulfil any of the obligations resulting from these general conditions, CTT has the right to terminate the contract and cancel the service being provided, through a written notification sent to the CLIENT, with immediate effect.

11. Communications

For any clarifications about Personalized Postcard product, the CLIENT should contact CTT through the following channels

a. CTT Hotline: 707 26 26 26

b. E-mail:

c. Gestão do Produto: Avenida dos Combatentes, n.º43, 14.ºPiso, 1643-001 Lisboa

12. Law and jurisdiction

a. These general conditions are subject to Portuguese law.

b. Any disputes arising from the contract for use of Personalized Postcard product, including with regard to the interpretation, integration or application of these general conditions, are subject to the jurisdiction of the district of Lisbon, expressly renouncing any other jurisdictions.

13. Additional provisions

a. CTT can augment or modify these general conditions, whenever necessary

b. Any additions and/or changes will become effective thirty (30) days after CLIENTS have been informed to this effect through Personalized Postcard product website;

c. In all situations not expressly covered by these Conditions, the provisions of the General Conditions of the general website of CTT Correios will be applicable (