The sender may request a service that enables you to return or reply with no costs.

There are three services that enable you to return a parcel or reply with no further costs:

Return Express parcels

If you receive an Express Parcel, please check with the sender if you can return it with no further costs. If affirmative, choose one of these options:

  • Deliver the parcel at a CTT contact spot - Deliver the parcel, together with the return form, at any CTT contact spot.
  • Request your parcel to be collected - call 707 200 118 to schedule the collection at your address. At the collection moment, also deliver the return form.

Business Reply Service (BRS)

The Business Reply Service packages allow you to send items with no costs. If there is an envelope, box or other package with the BRS logo (see below), you may use it to return the item:

  1. Put the item inside the BRS package received
  2. Deliver the package at any CTT Contacto spot or put it into a Post Office Box.
  3. The package is sent to the address printed at the BRS package.

The BRS packages have this logo:


Free postage

Free postage is an address that allows you to send items with no costs. If you are given a free postage address to return an item, please follow these instructions:

  1. Put the item inside a package.
  2. Address the item to the free postage address given.
  3. Deliver the item at a CTT Contacto spot or put it into a Post Office Box.
  4. The item is sent to the free postage address.

If the return is not free of charge

If the sender of the item does not offer you the free return, you may use one of our shipment options. In this case, the return’s cost will be yours.