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Join the SIGA service easily and immediately by completing the requisition form.

By registering on the CTT website you will have the advantage that in the next request you have some of the information previously filled in, with the exception of the data relating to the object.

Sign up here and sign in and SIGA!

NOTE: The SIGA service is not available for the services: Correio Expresso, Corfax, Quotation Via Postal 2nd attempt, Simple Postal Notification, Multipostal Bag, Bills of Exchange, or if the sender has expressed the prohibition of the respective re-routing through Annotation on the postal object (annotation next to the recipients address).

Prices include VAT at the legal rate.

Delivery Notice Recipient Data
Object Detail
The SIGA service can only be requested up to 3 working days after the date of the Delivery Advice. The deadlines to return the items to the sender are the same: 6 working days as regards mail, 10 working days as regards domestic parcels and 15 calendar days as regards international parcels

New Delivery
Attention: A new delivery advice will not be issued to pick-up the item. Please go to the new CTT Post Office counter in due time to pick up the item.

up to two working days for requests made before 16.00.
up to three working days for requests made after 16.00.
(with PARCELS please add one more working day).

Amount payable on delivery: €
Prices include VAT at the legal rate.