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What kind of information may I get from the CTT Customer Service?

Through the CTT phone line and the contact form you may ask your questions related to:

  • Postcodes
  • General information on the company, products and services, track & trace of items and CTT retail network
  • Customs clearance of postal items
  • Philately
  • Claims
  • Online sales service
  • Toll payment service

What is the CTT Customer Service timetable?

CTT Customer Service works every working day and Saturdays from 08:00 to 22:00.

What is the deadline to submit a claim?

Deadlines to submit your claim:

  • Domestic service: 1 year counting from the posting of the postal item
  • International service: 6 months counting from the date of posting of the postal item

What is the applicable legislation?

RSPC – Regulamento do Serviço Público de Correios,(Regulation for Public Service) approved by the Decree-Law no. 176/88 of 18 May.

How to submit a CTT claim?

To allow you to submit your claim, CTT has the following channels you may choose according to your preference:

  • Claim form (Access available only to registered users)
  • CTT Line: 707 26 26 26 (Timetable: Working days and Saturdays from 08:00 to 22:00).
  • Letter:
    ACL - Apoio a Clientes (Customer Service)
    Av. D. João II, nº 13 - Piso: 3
    P-1999-001 Lisboa
  • E-mail:
  • CTT Post Offices
    “Quality of Service” form (information request or claim)
    Book of Complaints
  • CTT Ombudsman:
    Av. D. João II, nº 13
    1999-001 Lisboa
    Fax: +351 210 471 988

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