A Tree for the Whole Forest 2021


The reforestation campaign “A tree for the forest” is already on its 8th edition.

The new 2021 kit is already available. It is the wild cherry tree/ Prunus avium, an ordinary European native species that grows spontaneously in the Mediterranean area. In Portugal, it grows mostly in the North and in the continent mountains.

This kit can be purchased for 3.50€ all year long in CTT Post Offices and at the CTT online store, with free postage for the whole country.

The kits sold will be converted into native trees and bushes like ash trees, cork trees, holm oaks, arbutus trees, pine trees, wild cherry trees or the chestnut trees, among other 31 species that will be planted in protected and designated areas until spring 2022. We will count with the active participation of all volunteers that register at the campaign website, or that send an email to voluntarios@quercus.pt.

The new kit “A tree for the forest” also has a QR code with a sound message that includes news and instructions to register the kit at the website www.umaarvorepelafloresta.quercus.pt. By making the registration, you will be informed on the name of the native species purchased and in what area of the country affected by the fires your tree will be planted. You will also be invited to participate in the plantation and in reforestation initiatives.

2020 was very special because we reached 100 thousand trees planted! The pandemic situation did not allow volunteering initiatives, but the plantations were effectively made. They are organized by Quercus, in coordination with ICNF - Nature and Forests Conservation Institute.

Plantations performed until now mean a significant reduction of the national carbon footprint, with more than 35 thousand tons of CO2 retained, benefitting the biodiversity preservation by creating sustainable and resistant woods.

Did you know that this saving means more than 8 thousand car trips around the earth?

We are all very proud and deserve congratulations on these results; however, there is much more territory requiring our attention.

Please participate! Purchase “a tree for the forest” kit at a CTT Post Office or at ctt.pt.

This year we created a digital kit for companies. To purchase it (simple or customized), please contact your sales manager or contact us.