International Drivers’ Challenge

The CDP 2670 Loures (delivery centre) team represented Portugal at the highest level and won this IPC competition, that gathered teams from 10 European countries.

The Estoril Racing Circuit hosted the fifth edition of the Drivers’ Challenge, promoted by the International Postal Corporation last April 17th and 18th. This event, that takes place every two years, gathers postmen and supervisors from delivery units that stood out for their skills regarding safe and eco-efficient driving.

The main test the drivers must face is eco-efficient driving around the Estoril circuit, followed by a city circuit. There were expertise and safety tests, as well as tyres’ replacement, the check of a vehicle’s condition (that had 10 faults) and filling-in a European Road Accident Declaration. The most specific detail regarding the Portuguese participation was the test with some of CTT’s electric vehicles.

Portugal hosted this edition after the French, Irish, Finns and Belgians. In all of them, the detail “home” and knowledge of the surrounding area was determinant, with all local teams achieving the most important places.

That was exactly what happened at Estoril. The Portuguese team had the best score, followed by Belgium (that had hosted the previous edition) and Finland, who had already won twice. The Portuguese participants Pedro Santos Madeira and Ricardo Silva Monteiro stood out for their regularity in all fields, winning most of them.

The Divers’ Challenge is an important event in the scope of the +Prevention project, directed to all CTT employees that have driving liabilities.