Professional equity

Pilot project took place at school EB 2,3 Miguel Torga.

CTT, EPIS (Inclusion Corporate Association) and CITE (Employment Equity Commission) developed a pilot project to call young people’s attention to labour gender stereotypes.

This initiative took place at school EB 2,3 Miguel Torga (Amadora, Lisbon district) and the students had to reflect on similarities and differences between men and women at work, and then draw them and write on the subject.

“This project comes in the scope of the 40 years CITE anniversary. In a partnership with CTT and EPIS, we have created a pilot-project dedicated to gender stereotypes, the deconstruction of labour gender stereotypes”, explained Maria do Rosário Fidalgo, CITE representative.

According to Isabel Duarte, EPIS project Coordinator in Amadora/Sintra, it made sense to understand young people’s awareness on this area and to see what could make a difference”.

In this sense, the winners of the “professional equity” project were disclosed on July 4th by CITE through an e-book and represented in a mystamp (meuselo) and my postcard (meupostal).

CTT are already part of the IGEN Forum, on equal opportunities. “We thought it would be fun to issue a stamp for mystamp (meu selo) with the winner, and with the best cartoon we issued mypostal (mypostcard)” stated Fátima Pinto, from CTT’s Sustainability and Environment Department.

Among the subjects mentioned by the young winners there were also the remunerations’ inequality between men and women and the existence (or not) of typical gender professions. 

CTT, EPIS and CITE are members of the IGEN Forum and promotors of the best practices in terms of gender stereotypes’ elimination.