Portugal: Preserving the Sintra - Cascais Natural Park

This project aims at eradicating invasive species and planting native species to restore the balance of the ecosystem, thus preserving the natural biodiversity of the park and making it more resilient to climate change.

With a very strong environmental awareness component, the project relies on the involvement of the community in general, to carry out several actions such as planting native trees, eradicating invasive species, erosion control, among others, to protect the fauna and flora of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

These creation and conservation activities maximize the services that the ecosystem provides, as a biodiversity support, making it more resistant to pests and periods of intense drought or rain, thus helping to maintain the fertility of the space and the balance of the landscapes, in addition to carbon sequestration.

Area features - Preserving the Sintra - Cascais Natural Park

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