Mozambique: Distribution of improved cook stoves

This project involves the free production and distribution of efficient charcoal cook stoves to households in the suburbs of Maputo, Mozambique.

The project aims to distribute 5,000 cook stoves. These cookstoves, can reduce 50% of charcoal consumption in comparison to traditional stoves, which promotes the protection of the forest and the maintenance of its carbon sequestration capacity, as well as the emission of lower amounts of CO2 due to the reduction of fuel material used. This reduction also translates into an improvement in the quality of indoor air, in addition to an improvement of quality of life for the families. The implementation of these ovens also has positive impacts on the economic prosperity of families.

As the population's health improves and the amount of money and time spent is reduced, they can direct their resources to other tasks.

It is an externally verified project with VER and Gold Standard certifications (GS Registry).

Area features - Mozambique: Distribution of improved cook stoves

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