Natural Gas powered truck

In the scope of the sustainability and environmental footprint reduction policy, CTT – Correios de Portugal has successfully concluded tests on a natural gas moved truck.

The test with a natural gas moved truck was made last year in February, in a partnership with Iveco Portugal and DouroGás. “The use of these vehicles intends to minimize the polluting gases’ emission, with a positive impact on the air quality”, stated CTT in a press release. Owner of the major logistics and transports sector, with 311 electric vehicles, currently “around 10% of CTT’s fleet is moved by non-fossil fuel”. CTT will invest 40 million euros in the modernization of its logistics and postal network in the next two years, in the scope of the Investment and Modernization Network (PMI), that also includes a reinforcement of the electric fleet.

CTT has searched for “solutions that reinforce its biodiversity support and fight against climate change policies, expressed through an ecologic or carbon neutral portfolio”, investing in “carbon and energy efficiency” and the expansion of its sustainable fleet, the largest in the logistics and delivery sector, and that reduced the carbon footprint in 64% between 2008 and 2018. “CTT are strongly committed in the reduction of its environmental footprint, by using energy efficiency, 100% renewable electricity, modernizing the fleet and building stocks, using more electric vehicles, audits and environmental certification, eco-driving training, among others”, states the company.